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Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy (or Shaolin Temple  Wushu School) was founded in 1978, is the earliest and the largest kung fu academy in China. is the earliest an authentic martial arts professional schools, but also a set of chinese cultural, martial arts, film and television performances, training in an integrated martial arts academies.

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy is located in Mount Song, Shaolin Temple, Dengfeng city, Henan province, China. The total investment of one hundred million , with a total construction area of 730,000 square meters, Facilities , well-equipped , full-featured, Academy management experience plentiful, professional management staff 258, Teaching force strong, level 1 coach 160, outstanding teachers 170, Coaches held by national, provincial champion; teachers served by the college education of teachers. Currently there are 35,000 students.Read More ...

Teaching Contents



  • The top ten Shaolin Oldeset Boxing Master
  • Level 1 Coach
  • Genuine Shaolin Kung FU
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  • Hotel Style Rooms
  • Three warm meals
  • Washing facilities
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  • Located in Shaolin Temple
  • Zhong Yue Temple
  • Songyang Academy
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  • I can't speak Chinese
  • Before come
  • Safest way to carry money
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Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Temple

Kung Fu Performance

  • Performing at the Olympic Games
  • Performing at the Asian Games
  • Performing at the Spring Festival
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