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Meditation cure conditions


  The Buddhist figure outside the human body exist in the "big four", can produce 404 kinds of diseases. Meditation practice, can eliminate these 404 kinds of disease, treatment. But Buddhism, meditation healing takes eight conditions, if used properly, will achieve the effect.

  1: to believe that with the correct method of meditation practice, we will be able to cure their disease, is the so-called "you", if not this will be the idea of the letter, it is difficult to bear fruit.

  2: to identify disease. Is to differentiate the cause, and to select the appropriate method.

  3. Practicing meditation.

  4: wash. The aspirant must every day sooner or later each time to concentrate on meditation, body sweating slightly degree.

  5: constant. Practicing to persevere, never be "three days fishing, two days of screen"

  6: convenient. If you don't work, according to the condition to discriminate etiology, flexible choice of treatment, only a method, but may not have good results.

  7: the good maintenance. In meditation at the same time, but also pay attention to proper diet, avoid cold heat, good maintenance of the body.

  8: know screen. Don't ask others profess realm and the effect of their meditation.

  If able to comply with Article Eight above, peace of Mind Meditation, the condition will improve

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