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Meditation focus


  We use the Mitsubishi mirror or lens uptake is exposed to a focus, he can play the functions of combustion, which is due to the exposure in the concentration, has high heat. Relentless material like that, and we love the spirit!

  The ancients said, "a heart, no matter did not do", and "faith moves mountains, mountains." Meditation is the concentrate of exercise in operation, clear heart, will rise gradually eliminated, or more refined, body Yang and gas produced by focused, more tonic stagnation and even re organization has bad objects function. Whosoever therefore shall sit deep power, can bring the focus after the heavily mental force, pay attention to the body pain, can use the Yang Qi, stagnation of the haze to ablation, dynamic, thermodynamic, gradually exert their therapeutic effect. As for heart disease, because our no initial learning, ingrained, as iron bastions, more than all the effort to eliminate and clearance can not be. Chinese ancient Yao Song said: "human hearts are evil., Tao heart slightly, be thoroughly engrossed in, keep to the center." The human mind, it is used to the private, heart is a sense, be thoroughly engrossed in, is a concentrated effort to do spiritual force. Zen, care for reference study, bear in mind always, to lift the entire focus on one love, the more concentrated and more filling, filling power more concentration, more concentrated, until to the vertex, suddenly a pause, then can zhanran Dong che. From here in the spirit of power, can the body of Kang Qiang, can find one's true self, and method of attack, only from practice meditation began.

Meditation mental activities affect people's Meditation is the revised basis

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