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Vegetarian out of compassion


  The traditional view of Buddhist scriptures by and actually is a mainly vegetarian religious, but its vegetarian advocates based Yu Cibei, quit killing belief.

  In the Buddha's mind, a good Buddhist, is to love all life, the believer can through diet this particular mode of practice, to have compassion, in order to improve the quality of life. But people who eat meat, the Sutra says, off great compassion seed. These people as "no self (ignorance)", the brutal murder of life. Buddhism believes that, if a person with cruel behavior, it is not becoming a Buddha. They kill, do not know their own the doings, but do not know their the doings of the slaughtered animal is and what it means. If they really understand the slaughtered animal, also like people cherish life, be aware of those animal slaughtered will also feel the pain and fear, that would make a lot of animal will no longer be killed. Therefore the Buddhist theorists advocate: to stop the killing behavior, the key is to stimulate people's compassion.

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