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  The Buddhist thought, eating meat and how much, are in direct contact with the health of the people. Some diseases, is caused by eating meat, can be obtained through diet prevention and cure. At the same time, food will not affect the person's mental.

  Buddhist vegetarian diet concept, in line with modern nutritional theory. The World Health Organization recommends, 4.5% of our daily calories from protein. Wheat containing 17% protein, 8% steamed rice, broccoli contains 45%. The human body needs nutrition, can be obtained from a vegetarian diet. Know how to mix, not a partial eclipse, vegetarians can obtain more balanced nutrition. The main brain cell nutrient is glutamic acid, vitamin B and oxygen, food and cereals and beans contain glutamic acid, vitamin B most; in contrast, in meat is very little. So the vegetarian can obtain sound mental, not only the thought is agile, but compared to a normal person, wisdom and judgment more advantages. Like Shakespeare, Newton, Bernard Shaw, the wisdom is mostly prefer vegetarian.

Buddhist Vegetarian put equal to eat out Vegetarian has its own taste

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