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The Buddhist precepts carnivorous


   In the Buddhism was first appeared in India, its people and no special dietary habits and rules. The monk monk, nun is the life of begging beg alms from door to door. Later, the meat and meat free debate inside the Buddhist sangha. Some people think, believers edible alms are carnivorous. The mendicant monks and nuns on the outside, what you eat what you give, not climbing, cannot be selected. India Arni Brazil said: three net meat if it is his income, eat no negligence. India Ritsu was light and light are told of Sakyamuni and allowed to eat quiet meat. From the Buddhist, is edible and non quiet meat. Non quiet meat is three less meat, that he did not see for yourself killed, or hear is killed by themselves, or is suspected of killing yourself, the way to meat is not to eat.

  Mahayana sutra are explained carnivorous negligence and releasing, broken meat, vegetarian merit.

Eating is taking medicine The Buddhist precepts five pungent

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