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Eat eggs is killing


  Observe vegetarian Buddhists can eat eggs? Egg belongs to the C or plain? Eating sword eggs food, cake, ice cream, bread into the class, whether is killing? These problems in the Buddha is controversial. Some Buddhists say, a person can not eat eggs. "Explicit knowledge" round said: all the eggs can not eat, because it can raise the life. Prime exports way fruit Jackson to do not eat eggs for the yogi "". In his "Zen" Pu said said: v. C. where? Onion chives garlic with no smell, not addicted to egg shrimp, turnip green vegetables as supreme in green, yellow mustard wild herbs when food was wonderful taste, the road also. Some vegetarian people also eat eggs now, because now the eggs are produced by the artificial breeding hen, unable to hatch a chicken. But in the Buddhist temple in the food supply, from the ten party, not that it is it right? Hen, is it right? Not the life, compassion for reasons, to avoid eating flesh, so I don't eat.

  The Buddhist life form is divided into four types, namely, oviparous, viviparous wet, metaplasia. Eggs are oviparous, only the form in an egg, with a specific life. The so-called "love the mind, ethereal incredible". Because do not understand egg is life, it can be hatched chicks, although no hen hatching, as long as in the oven, to the appropriate temperature, also can hatch chicks, so strictly speaking, eating eggs is regarded to kill. Eat an egg, is to kill a life. So the days and months multiplying, is very serious the karma of killing. Therefore, Buddhism thinks that both from the students point of view, or from the angle of compassion, should not eat eggs.

Buddhism is not fasting milk

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