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About Buddhist massage health care


  In the Sakyamuni Buddhist medicine , in addition to drug therapy , there are a variety of other treatments , and surprisingly kind surgical therapy. Specified in accordance with the principles of Sakyamuni , the final treatment Surgery is a last resort used only when other methods are not solving the problem, only the use of surgery to treat . Even for those who need to perform a surgical disease , but also as much as possible to avoid surgery , for taking other treatments .

  So, other than surgical treatment , what does ? According to the Buddha 's induction , the " Fresh off therapy ", " meditation therapy" , "massage therapy" , " acupuncture " and so on . These therapies are also used in traditional Chinese medicine , especially in basic massage techniques is one of medical research through the Buddha himself experimentally determined .

  According to Buddhist scriptures record, before dying Buddha once gave a man named " Wu Dayi ," the monks carried massage. About Buddha " tentacle therapy" , also left a wide variety of records, which is a method of treatment other than massage therapy , Sakyamuni Buddhist scriptures there personally , " tentacle therapy" to headache disorders case treatment. This " tentacle therapy" , not only the Buddha used before, but said that in Christianity and Islam also have used this method to treat cases of the disease. The effectiveness of this treatment is obvious .

  Buddhist massage techniques are: a finger pushing method , rolling massage therapy , massage therapy pressing method , pinch method of massage therapy, massage therapy rubbing method , rubbing method massage therapy , massage therapy vibration method , hitting law massage therapy , internal strength massage Therapy


Massage therapy treatment principle

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