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Massage therapy treatment principle


  The principle of treatment of massage therapy should be followed: this will seek medical treatment, rousing, adjust the Yin and Yang, time, due to the treatment principle, the person.

  The principle of treatment massage treatment is formulated in the holistic concept and treatment based on syndrome differentiation under the guidance of the basic spirit, is common in the clinical significance of treatment. The manifestations of the disease are diverse, pathological changes is very complex, and the disease and the order of priority difference. Different time, place and person of the disease incidence, change also can produce no influence, therefore, only good from the disease complex sickly, grasp the nature of the lesion, cure the disease, to take corresponding measures to foster, adjust the Yin and Yang, and the severity and disease and individual and time, place, the rule has, the person, time, suit one's measures to local conditions, can obtain satisfactory therapeutic effect.

  The root cause of disease in this is the need to seek medical treatment of the disease, and treatment for root cause. This is a fundamental principle of dialectical theory of governance. Such as low back pain, the vertebral dislocation, want to return fan, lumbar muscle strain and other various causes, treatment is not simply take the method of symptomatic pain, but should be based on the causes of this disease, were used to correct vertebral dislocation, Qufeng desiccant, Shujin Tongluo and other methods of treatment, can obtain satisfactory results.

  The time that manipulation should be taken into account when time and seasonal factors. As the heart kidney is not handed in insomnia, much yin yang yang hyperactivity is not enough, and more, accordingly, massage time such as selection in the night (Yin) of Yin Ziyang manipulation, is the day (Yang) in the same way better treatment effect.

  Suit one's measures to local conditions is that manipulation treatment should be flexibly according to the geographical conditions. As Duoreduo southeast coastal area of wet, so should many with Qingre Qushi method; and the northwest wind cold, so should use a wind dispersing cold technique. The geographical differences, and the treatment is to consider the implementation of the different technique.

  The person is based on the patient's age, gender, body of different choices of different treatment methods. As a strong physique, technique stimulation can be relatively large, and physical weakness, manipulation stimuli also relatively small amount.

  The practical application of massage therapy, to comprehensively, objectively consider all aspects of the situation, in order to better play its efficacy

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