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 Chinese Martial Arts Summer Camp in 20162015-03-16
 The President of Birmingham University UK visits to Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy2014-11-05
 Performing shaolin wushu at the opening ceremony of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games2014-08-17
 Shaolin monk Yilong Ko Muay Thai champion, champion Thailand worship Shaolin Kung Fu2014-01-24
 Shaolin Kung Fu Master Shiyanzi vs Marcus KO Muay Thai King2014-01-04
 Songshan Shaolin Temple in Song 《Shaolin boxing spectrum》 coming in Inner Mongolia2013-12-16
 Shaolin Kungfu VS Muay Thai world champion2013-12-13
 Shaolin Kung Fu again unveiled at the Moscow International Music Festival Red Square 2013-09-08
 America Shaolin "foreign disciples" pilgrimage to Shaolin Temple mountain(朝圣)2013-07-13
 Japan Damour artist in Shaolin Temple 2013-04-09
 The first European Shaolin Culture Festival in Vienna2012-09-12
 3D film "Shaolin Temple" started shooting2012-08-09
 Taiwan Miaoli County summer camp students2010-07-10

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