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Japan Damour artist in Shaolin Temple


Japan Damour artist in Shaolin Temple "send classics"

  In April 9th, the famous Japanese Buddhist disciples of Shaolin Temple painter, Mr. Hiraoka Kamon came to Henan Dengfeng Shaolin Temple, the collection of years of total 52 box 856 copies of paintings and books donated. This is again came to the Chinese Buddhism Zen Zuting adore him since 2006 to Shaolin Temple. 

Shaolin Kungfu

The Shaolin Temple Abbot (right) to Mr. Hiraoka Kamon presented a Damour like

  Hiraoka Kamon is a Japanese religious painting Institute president and Zen Painters Association, dozens of years as one day in the Damour painting creation and teaching work, a total of one hundred thousand Japanese students have followed him to study Damour like painting art.

   In 2006, Hiraoka Kamonyo in the Shaolin Temple, Farmington continuation method, after repeated organize a delegation to China to exchange learning, and Shaolin Temple jointly organized the Damour exhibition, published several portrait album.

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