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Songshan Shaolin Temple in Song 《Shaolin boxing spectrum》 coming in Inner Mongolia


  15, Chifeng martial arts enthusiasts Zhao Zuoxiang shows a ancient " Shaolin boxing spectrum ," said the "boxing spectrum" by Shaolin monks forensic Song Dynasty Shaolin Temple Luck Jackson compilation "Shaolin boxing spectrum ," in an interview with reporters , in its collection of hands has more than 40 years .

  The 63 -year-old Zhao Zuo Xiang told reporters that more than a thousand years, the Shaolin martial arts has always been an important part of Chinese martial arts , the Song Shaolin Temple Luck Jackson codification of the ancient "Shaolin boxing spectrum " is the basis of summing up a number of martial arts Wushu before the Chinese Song Dynasty on a compilation of a rare martial arts .

  Zuo Zhao Xiang said that in the 1920s , Henan Songshan Shaolin Monks , Zhao Xiang Zuo Zhao Bing too grand minister since the war in the boxing spectrum these rescue and saved, then after nearly a century of tradition . After Chifeng region Shaolin martial successor , Zhao Xiang Zuo touts Sun Yutang passed after his master Wang Shilun , after Zhao Zuoxiang spread to the hands .

  Zuo Zhao Xiang said, as forensic this boxing spectrum , he went to learn the Henan Shaolin Temple martial art . Shaolin monk then releasing hormone hi first Masters and German Foreign Zen monk , Germany Qian agreed that circulated in the ancient city of Chifeng in Inner Mongolia "Shaolin boxing spectrum ," it is true the Shaolin boxing spectrum . Hi master hormone release was also Zhao Zuoxiang handwritten " Shaolin Wushu true mass " pictures.

  Zuo Zhao Xiang said , hoping to complete the grand wish boxing spectrum , the Shaolin martial arts to flourish.

PS: According to the "Shaolin boxing spectrum," recorded in Northern Song Jianlong first year (1961), the abbot of Shaolin Temple monk Tai Fook home, both inside and outside thrice recruiting experts gathered Shaolin martial conducted exchanges. On this basis, according to the blessing of living masters instructions, by the disciples of Euro RSCG, Lingqiu other widely learned many long, painted integration "Shaolin boxing spectrum." Boxing spectrum, including eighteen armed fist, which has thirteen thirteen road before the Song Dynasty monk housekeeping boxing club, thirteen monks stick rare weapons, Sun Heng's monkey, Mengsu of seventy Arts, Cui fist connected with gun , Wang Lang's Mantis, Huang Lohan eighteen hands and arms through boxing, boxing great King Yang roll and Liuhe boxing, grappling acupuncture Yanqing Gong, Gao Huaide the spring and machetes. Overall, "Shaolin boxing spectrum" Forty eight volumes compiled by Fu masters living and Euro RSCG, Lingqiu and other disciples, including boxing one hundred seventy-three road, weapons one hundred thirty-three road, another set of outstanding service, a total of three hundred thirty ten Road, drawing three thousand eight hundred and fifty.


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