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Shaolin Kung Fu Master Shiyanzi vs Marcus KO Muay Thai King


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Shaolin Kung Fu Master Shi Yanzi KO Adul Poncharazi (Thailand)

  Beijing time on January 3rd, the 2014 heroes World Kickboxing King Tournament (JiNan Railway Station) started. The famous boxer from Thailand, France, Greece, Ukraine, Canada and China Shaolin Kung Fu Master Xu Yan, Shiyanzi led China martial arts dream team fighting master of clash. 80 kilograms, Shaolin tactical first person, known as the / (one of the Shaolin Temple four Dharma) / Shiyanzi played well, second rounds of KO38 year-old Thailand player Pon Char Laky, made their first victory in international competition. Finally China martial arts dream team defeated the foreign Muhammad United won the competition gold belt.

Shaolin Kungfu VS Mike. Bidisi
Xu Yan (Chinese) VS Mike. Bidisi (Greece)

Shaolin Kung Fu KO Adul Poncharazi
Shaolin Kung Fu Master Shi Yanzi KO Adul Poncharazi (Thailand)
Songshan Shaolin Temple in Song 《Shaolin boxing spectrum》 coming in Inner Mongolia Shaolin monk Yilong Ko Muay Thai champion, champion Thailand worship Shaolin Kung Fu

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