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Shaolin monk Yilong Ko Muay Thai champion, champion Thailand worship Shaolin Kung Fu


  Chinese martial arts is broad and profound, Shaolin monks Yilong proved this view with his powerful strength. In the martial arts world wind field, Shaolin monks Yilong only took two rounds in the Muay Thai champion to KO. The Yilong as a representative Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu, before the game, the monk Yilong KO and American police, show to the whole world Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu is strong!

  Recently, the focus of Yilong two round Ko Muay Thai champion once again become a net friend's attention. 2014 Wulin wind global Kungfu Festival, Yilong two round Ko Muay Thai champion makes the opponent down to concede. After Yilongko USA police to show the global China Kung Fu the powerful, Yilong two round Ko Muay Thai champion once again witness Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin Kung Fu Master Shiyanzi vs Marcus KO Muay Thai King

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