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Performing shaolin wushu at the opening ceremony of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games


Nanjing Youth Olympic Games

At 21:30 on the 16th, when the Shaolin tagou wushu school students began performing when the Nanjing Olympic Center began to rain. lthough this increases to show a certain degree of difficulty, but did not affect the results of the program. 120 people in the air hanging wire, changing the shape of the pagoda, sometimes scattered, sometimes gather, fly freely in the sky. Suddenly, the air is connected to the trainees limbs, like a flame-like spiral upward, 400 trainees on the ground combined with the high-speed rotation, like full steam ahead, at this time, the program reached a climax.

Nanjing Olympic Games

The Head coach introduction, the highest level from the ground 42 meters, 12 meters from the ground, the lowest layer, the middle layer is separated by 10, the number gradually increased from the highest level down, in cooperation with considerable difficulty. "Dream Tower" altitude hanging wire staff of 120 people, with the ground staff of 400 people, air Dream disc hanging rope 260, the length of 6888 meters.

'Dream Tower' will apply for the Guinness Book of World Records, which will probably be the Youth Olympic record of a special" world record. "

Nanjing Olympic Games 
Nanjing Olympic Games 
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