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Shaolin Temple  Resident Temple(常住院)

shaolin temple

  Shaolin Temple Resident Temple(常住院) is the core of building of the Shaolin Temple, the monk Buddhist practice activities, built in Northern Wei Wo nineteen years (AD 495 years). Henan Province in 1963 was declared as the first batch of key cultural relics protection units. Shaolin Temple often is hospitalized a total area of more than 30000 square meters, Shanmen, king hall, main hall and other 7 into building axis on both sides of the axis, a clock tower, Drum Tower, the sixth patriarch hall, Manjusri hall and other ancillary building. Temple in ancient ruins, inscriptions, the mural is the witness of the history and development of Shaolin Temple, and from every angle, confirmed the historical authenticity of Shaolin wushu. Is the study of Chinese history, culture, arts, religion, architecture, calligraphy, sculpture, art and cultural exchange between China and foreign countries is extremely valuable materials. The Shaolin martial arts through 1500 of temper, inheritance and development, formed a unique cultural phenomenon, has become a part of Chinese national culture can not be replaced, in 07 years in March selected the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage."

shaolin temple

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