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Shaolin Temple(少林寺)

Shaolin Temple

  Shaolin Temple, also known as the monk temple, "Zen Zu Ting temple, the best in all the land" of reputation, is Chinese Buddhism Chan Zongzu Ting, the birthplace of Shaolin Kungfu. Shaolin Temple is located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, 13 kilometers northwest of the mountain south of Songshan, is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, traffic developed, and across the capital Luoyang hills. Back on the five peak, around the mountains, peaks, well-proportioned connected, forming a natural barrier of Shaolin Temple. Songshan East Mountain, West Shaoshi mountain, each have thirty-six peaks, the peaks of famous. At the foot of the jungle Shaoshi temple, named Shaolin Temple. 

  Shaolin Temple building large scale, mainly including the  Shaolin Temple Resident Temple(少林寺常住院)Tallinn(塔林) 、Damour Hole(达摩洞Chu Zu Um(初祖庵)Er Zu Um(二祖庵) 、Shaoshi Towers(少室阙) Yongtai Temple(永泰寺) etc.

  Since the Shaolin Temple temple(建寺), experienced a tortuous history of waste number number of xing.

  In 574 years (three years in Jiande) Wu ban Buddha, temples were destroyed. The elephant years reconstruction, renamed Zhi Hu Si, Zhao Huiyuan, Hong Zun 120 people live there, "Bodhisattva gana". Sui Hing Buddhism, Firman complex of Shaolin, give Napa Valley Wu Liang Tian Bai Qing, become the northern temple. Early Qin Li Shimin destroy the Wang Shichong separatist forces, had the monks of Shaolin monks and aid, with fame spreading far and wide. Gaozong and Wu Zetian also often visit the temple, Fengshang generous. Tang Huichang, Wu Zong no Buddha, temple half destroyed, until the late Tang and Five Dynasties, the temple gradually declined. The Song Dynasty was restored......More...

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