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What is the Zen


What is the Zen

   Life's troubles are themselves, when the mind becomes broad, no matter is vacant, empty trouble cup, can be tranquil and quiet. The human mind, if such as the lotus and the sun and the moon, being insipid, no heart, mind and heart, love and hate are the heart, heart failure, can be happy and peaceful. Water flows downwards, the cloud floating in the sky, all of nature in harmony, this is common sense. Have a common heart, life such as freely flowing style of writing, returning to the original, this is what life is, zen.

  Peace of mind, and flawless, return to the truth, this is what life is, zen.

  Zen: Zen that definition, translation of Dhyana, namely a border exit of remembrance, is the thought of silence.

  Zen and meditation can be regarded as the synonym, but both were in the range of Zen, narrow and wide range. It refers to more than four rupadhatu Zen Zen, and to the fixed for wisdom is narrow, cannot be called the zen. "The big perspective on the" Volume 28: "four Zen also called Chan, also known as, in addition to the four Zen, Zhu Yu Ding also named set, also called samadhi, not called zen." Because the Buddha and his pupil in four Zen that nirvana, so four Zen also called fundamental set 'dhyana-maula'.

  "Liuzu Tanjing?": "meditation fifth outer revulsion that Zen, not disorderly set. Outside the designated for Zen, meditation." "The meditator, external use no live without stain is Zen, heart clear live is fixed, the Zen meditation as designated, is. In the face of foreign, five to six of dust, all of life and death all can not move, is Zen; on the inside, inside the heart no greed Aizen, is constant. While studying meditation, then such as darkroom shone!"

  Zen is the supreme wisdom in it, to verify with the supreme wisdom, to prove all things reality wisdom, this is called zen.

  "Heart Sutra" in "deep Prajna paramita, see the five skandhas are empty., all bitter,", the so-called "deep", it is meditation, deep set. Avalokitesvara found in meditation, when the "five skandhas are empty." - that is, "without me", all the worries and pain relief, Avalokitesvara is fixed in the pure wisdom and permit the free achievement.

The origin of Zen

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