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The origin of Zen


 The origin of Zen

    The Buddha talked about 300, saying forty-nine years, monk twelve classic vast boundless, however, these myriad text Prajna, and Zen origins and no direct relationship.

  According to legend, one day, the Buddha in Lingshan meeting, board seat pick up a flower show mass, then all unknown so, only thus smiled at that time, the Buddha said: "I have the essence, Nirvana wonderful heart, reality without phase, subtle Dharma, to Maha kassapa." So the Buddha will practice to mahakasyapa, Zen began handed down.

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  India Jackson be handed down from age to age, twenty-eighth progenitor Bodhi Damour to China, the Southern Dynasties Liangdi emperor reign. The emperor believed in Buddhism, once three times to give the world with Tai Temple, monks, the temple was built in the ordinary bridge, look at, really is kindness knows no bounds. When Damour was to see the emperor, the emperor said to him: "I do these Buddhist career has no merit?"

  Founder Damour said: "no merit."

  Liang Wudi was throwing a pot of cold water, I thought I so hard, how can have no merit? So, his answer to Damour was not satisfactory. 

  In fact, from a deeper level, the emperor the only day of retribution, should belong to Ford, not merit. In Zen standpoint, founder Damour said, it is straight heart words, but shall not enjoy the emperor, therefore, Damour was transferred to the Songshan Shaolin Temple wall. 

  From this passage, we can appreciate the Zen ingenious, does not in general insights to judge. Like the heart of Liang Wudi, but the blessing, is not the ultimate goal of Zen, even with income, but also Tianfu newspaper only, in the eyes of a Buddhist monk, is independent of the enlightened way. 

  The two Zhengzhou, Henan people, young master of world science, adults in Longmen Xiangshan monk, into the Shaolin Temple in Songshan, to pay homage to Damour, requested, and ask for the apprentice, Damour is not allowed, SG was outside the door stood. The snow all over the sky, for a long time, waist deep snow. Damour saw that he truly seeking method, allowed inside. And asked him: "you how here for? " 

  SG answered: "disciple Xin is not installed, begging division at."

  Damour yelled: "bring me your heart, I for you!" 

  He said: "the heart can't find!" 

  Then Damour had said: "I and thou mind!" 

  The two Zhengzhou awakened. Worry the empty, we know the heart is dead, no body, no delusion is dynamic, that is enlightenment, Buddhism and taoism. If the heart, Buddha nature present a significant. 

  We generally call Damour the Chinese Zen ancestor, and two Zhengzhou is available on the. 

  Then two Zhengzhou pass three ancestral sengcan, sengcan passed four letter road, road pass Wuzu hongren.

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  God Xiu Broadcom monk, Wuzu Hongren seat for the disciple, expound the texts of Buddhism, educate the Quartet, people at that time, all the descendants of the ancestral. When they came from the south a Huineng, root very, although at southern and Ge Liao land, seeking method warmly, not left behind. 

  When he saw he was tempted, he said: "the South no buddha. " 

  He replied: "when people are the north and the south, the Buddha nature is a north-south? " 

  He was his retort, know that this man is Dungen caste, the very people and. In order to test his mind, as he was to the woodshed pounding rice, to avoid all eyes and ears. 

  Later, he make people give a verse, thought that the transfer of law, if see, the mantle, become the ancestral descendant. When people think over non God show itself, so no one can compete with him. 

  When God day and night, show consideration, finally put a verse: 

  "The body like the bodhi tree, the heart like a mirror; 

  Often wipe off, not to make dust." 

  This Gatha, he believes that although good, but still failed to see. So did not send him. 

  He learned in the wood in the matter, I thought I also is a verse? Then the man for his perestroika in the wall. This difference is this: 

  "There is no bodhi tree, nor stand mirror; 

  Original none thing, where the dust." 

  He saw, know Huineng had see. For fear of the trick bogey, but people will wipe away the. And then to the woodshed door. Asked: "cooked rice?"

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  Huineng answers: "early ripe, just waiting for sieve ear." 

  He has knocked three times on the door, Huineng knowing, but the in the depth of night, to the ancestral seat, please him discovery. 

  He taught him "Diamond Sutra", and "should not live and its", when suddenly. He took over from him, and ordered him to the south, pending the time. He said: "I sent to the ship to send you. "

  He said: "division when fans, realize the. "Then go to the south of Hong, eventually become Zhenshuo ancient patriarch.

  From the historical records, the Zen style is quite unique, the so-called teaching outside, by means of non-literature, is the real. But because of Zen purpose, not everyone can answer, so it is often misinterpreted by people. However, Zen wisdom edification, find one's true self is square, is in accordance with human nature and reveal. His principle is to establish have the Buddha nature in all sentient beings, Buddha "truth. So the words "become a Buddha immediately lay down the butcher's knife," how many people can grasp the meaning? Liang Wudi's wish blessings daily, is not a typical example? As for today who can look into the origin of Zen? This method will depend on all ambition and practice!

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