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Zen and Life


 Zen and Life

   People are busy, as is the life, as is already the body of food and clothing, but what is the "body"? 

  The Zen master said: "who is dragged the body?" 

  This kind of problem, in general it is not easy to get people to recognize, hard running, warm, and all kinds of material; material can enrich the life, but also often withered soul; appetite satisfied, but often instead closedown this with wisdom. 

  People's daily life, completely in an unconscious awareness pushed forward with. Good and evil is not standard, is to determine the social common, true freedom without personal mind; so this time people, often feel, although have previously undreamt of material life, but also lost the most precious soul. This is the era of human tragedy. 

  In fact, people have gradually aware of the crisis, have designed many remedy, social philosopher, also put forward the improvement scheme, although it is improving a part, but for the overflowing flood, also seems to be of no avail. 

  Zen, the wonderful things in life, once the function is lively, natural, without desire tie, everywhere is full of vitality, it can turn the modern human life will slump. 

  Zen is not abandoned the spice of life, exactly, it goes beyond these five to six dust, while attempting to obtain more real harmony and silence. His dress, like food, "wayward freedom, you fangkuang, but where the heart, no holy solution". As a monk in Zhaozhou Zhaozhou asked Jackson, answered and said to him: "tea!" Eat, wash bowl, sweep, it is said, if can get, what is liberated, he must also study hard? Fan mouth read, the wise heart, get a thorough understanding, is where Saint interlinked. Zen, not for us to talk about study, meditation is to improve our lives, with Zen, have rich whole life!

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