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 Zen and Work  

  No job can let us despise

  In a small town in the United States of America northwest, from the top down springs made throughout the town, the environment is very beautiful, so the town in the early days, to suit one's measures to local conditions to build many tourist facilities. And the town of suitable climate, it soon became a resort in the United States, there are many people to the town to vacation every day.

  In the town meeting once a year, the small town residents discussed a lot of issues. Finally, the town's residents saw a strange spending in the town in the financial statements, the expenditure is an old man in the mountains of wages. The town is so far away from the mountains, although the whole town water is flowing from the mountain, the residents of the town still feel to a mountain man wages absurd. Finally, after discussion, unanimously decided to cancel the residents of this job.

  To cancel the job, the first few months even a year in spring is no big change, only occasionally some branches floating down the mountains. In the second year when the spring, after the town of spring leaves, branches, leaves more, some branches together, hindered the spring water flowing, flowing slowly up.

  One afternoon, people found that the spring become some yellow; after a month, the spring become more dark; a few months later, the spring flowing with a lot of soil, and the stench of the waves.

  In the fall, countless leaves clog streams, springs, diffuse to both sides no longer flowing down. The whole town water stops rotating, the original town Swan are no longer to the town, the town of tourists sharply reduced, the town's revenue is drastically reduced. Town residents realize that I was wrong, that's when they realize the importance of employing the old man.

  Town resident representative after emergency consultations, and put the old man to come back. The old man soon returned to his old job, after several months of work, the town of springs to life again, the town water and restore the rotation, swan returned to the small town, the whole town is full of vitality. This time it was discovered that the town people, economic loss is thousands of times the old man paid even tens of thousands of times.

  Every job has its value of existence, even if it is in the dark in the mountains, even if it is how to be of little.

Zen and Life Slow health what profit to have to the body?

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