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Eyes closed can also play a role in health


Eyes closed  can also play a role in health

   Eyes closed, to clear the mind, body, broad-minded, arrived at the static level, can be called specifically intended to maintain. There is leisure time, eyes closed, keep on carving, will benefit from. Eyes closed regimen of daily life in the elderly basically has the following kinds:

1, eyes closed Chi Italy

  When the unhappy things, look blank, the hearts of boredom, eyes closed down, imagined Haomiao vast sky, you will feel a sense of relief spirit dousou. Or static stand height, eyes closed at the world Jing Wan, will make people Kuang Chi italy. People like Kuwata sea, hekan worries, but worry about personal gains and losses to entertain imaginary or groundless fears. This state of the physical body will rise up, feel a sense of relief.

2, eyes closed lying thinking

  There are three ways of thinking: the first to open thinking situation, the second dream thinking situation, third is the situation with eyes closed thinking. Eyes closed thinking is a kind of critical thinking "Scene", namely the lying and insomnia, eyes closed intend together. In such a state of mind, brain cleared the interference image outside, and in the congestion charge oxygen state. So, the maximum potential can promote brain cell to play a role, to improve the breadth and depth of thinking.

3, eyes closed resting

  Elderly people sleep less, and poor sleep are common. Have a can't sleep or waking in the middle of the night, never to sleep, don't be confused in mind, might as well close to the static heart. Or will soon calm sleep, even can not sleep, resting also can achieve the effect of health.

4, close your eyes and enjoy music

  You can always close your eyes and listen to some music you like and opera, or roar out a song, or play a musical instrument. Beautiful melody can promote brain activity, regulating central nervous system function, make the person produces pleasing think, very beneficial to health of body and mind.

5, shut eye meditation

  In daily affairs, headache, confusion, find a noisy place, sit square, eyes closed, eyelid sinking, breath, omphaloskepsis. For a long time is brain to keep calm, calm water, slowly disappeared into trouble, tranquil and peaceful state, the body of yin and Yang Qi and blood smooth access, psychological balance, mood, mind clear, relaxed.

6, close eye movements

  Whenever a keep calm or suffered humiliation, to be impatient to press down, must grasp the emotional wisely, to non ground, close your eyes and think. At the same time with their own hands index finger end pressure on the eyelid gently, gently massage skin, to heat swollen eyes, will feel chest stuffy Seton open.

7, turn a blind eye movement type

  Old friends may wish to try, find a noisy place, eyes Weibi, loosen all over, as can slow move a set of Taijiquan, sufficient understanding of slow, very flexible connection way, there will be an unexpected harvest.

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