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Zen and career: what is a CEO wishes


Zen and career: what is a CEO wishes

  As president of a fortune 500 company, I once excelled at business, be ever-victorious in one's forward march, in the eyes of others, my life is certainly a successful model. But in addition to the work, my interest is not much, and later, on my wealth has become a habit that fact, as I obese body -- is superfluous. At the moment, in bed, I often recalled his life, found that once made me feel all social fame and fortune unlimited proud, have all become dim and dark in the face of impending death, meaningless. I'm in the middle of the night repeatedly ask yourself, if I had all been dead revaluation, have lost their value, what is what I want now, what is my money and fame are not able to give me? Is there? In the darkness, I looked at the metal detecting instrument issued a green light and creak sound, seem to feel the warm breath forward me close.

  Now I understand, people's life as long as there is sufficient wealth, should go to the pursuit of other unrelated, should be more important things, perhaps romantic, perhaps is the art, perhaps only a childhood dream. The endless pursuit of wealth will only make people become greedy and uninteresting, into a normal monster -- portrayal as my life.

  God made man, give us a rich sensory, is to allow us to feel his default all the people in the heart of love, not the wealth illusion. I can't take all the wealth I had won, settling down to take only the memory of the innocent moved and substance free love and emotion, they cannot deny itself will not disappear, they are the real wealth of life.

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