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Zen Said mood. 15 what is the secret of eternal happiness


 Zen Said  mood. 15 what is the secret of eternal happiness

  To be happy we each person is different. Our passion, expectations, life experience, and personality will affect our happy. Some people find happiness in work, some people find happiness in marriage or intimacy. No matter how you define happiness, here are some omnipotent, method after the time certificate can give you happiness. You can according to their need to use these 15 secrets of eternal happiness. After a period of time, these methods will become active, change life habit, will bring you more happiness, joy and peace.

1, pay attention to the correct

  Also see half a cup of water, some people see is a half cup of water, while others see is half empty. The next time you're stuck in traffic, think there was time to stop and think how wonderful? You can try to think you have been trying to solve the problem, or a brainstorming. In line at the supermarket, can with the magazine to have a look, easy to read. The other is put aside, only those conditions can do. At the end of the day, you will be more happy, calm and happy. Focus on the right, looking at the change of the world.

2, Thanksgiving

  One day you will say "thank you"? You will hear a few times? Next time try to say "thank you". Institute of Thanksgiving, you will harvest more joy and happiness.

3, remember that you are a child

  Do you remember how to play? I'm not saying play golf or tennis. I mean like you did as a kid playing -- chasing the game, the frog jumped or street baseball, Bonzi is broken broom, barrier is parked cars. For one of the way to be happy was to remember that you are a child, like playing like a child.

4, friendly

  There is no doubt that kindness is very important to our emotions, desire will increase we do good. Friendly and contagious, when we are friendly to others, we will feel the new joy, joy and passion for life.

5, and friends together.

  Although a large number of social and love life doesn't guarantee happiness, but it does affect our happiness. Learn to spend more time with friends, the friendship is in the front of your life.

6, enjoy every moment

  To live in the present. We often consider what will happen in the future, but not to cherish "at this moment". We want to enjoy every moment, enjoy the happiness in life.

7, the rest

  We need to relax, decompression, keep it simple. Life is not easy for any of us. Time flew over the calendar, go ahead with its own pace, we will not consider. Fatigue, stress and burnout than our imagination to the quick. Rest is the best method.

8, exercise

  The phrase "runner's high" and not only refers to the addiction, also refers to a feeling or a state of mind, a cheerful state. There is no doubt, exercise will improve your mood, improve the positive attitude, while improving self-esteem and confidence. In fact, one of the methods is the movement of increased happiness.

9, keep smiling

  Sometimes we have to learn to camouflage. I'm not let you dishonest, or not good, in fact, I want to let everybody as far as possible, keep smiling, continue to advance. Study found that a smile, or look happy makes us happier. If we played very happy, we can enjoy more happiness and joy.

10, pursue the goal

  The lack of life goals will be negative people. The pursuit of personal life, or occupation of the target, it will show the difference between ordinary life and passion of life. Pursue your object, you will be more happy.

11, find your heart

  Some people find meaning in religion or soul, some people looking for work or relationship. Looking for your heart is not only an increase happiness, and there is a sense of purpose, feel the value of their own existence, may bring the greatest happiness for you.

12, enter a climax

  When you immerse yourself in the favorite activity, we will completely relax, feel the time stops, is the climax of this show. Each person's climax is different. Find true happiness in life, we must get rid of the views of others, into the climax.

13, play to strengths

  A method of entering the zone is to understand the strengths and advantages of their own and found, and then use it in everyday life. Once we know their strengths and play, the better we can put them into our life.

14, too much of a good thing

  Know when to say. The first brings you joy, second may not. If things become routine or expectations, more good things can not be happy. To set up a reasonable and healthy bottom line, not to exceed.

15, cherish what you have

  What you have may blink between disappear. Seize it, cherish it, comfort in your love, happiness, cover it.

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