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The more fertile land is better?


 The more fertile land is better?

 Jackson appointed disciples to take care of a rice field.

  The first years, the disciple with great care to take care of, rice grown very lush, and got a good harvest.

  Second years, he thought with a little fertilizer. Add fertilizer to rice grows very fast, the harvest is even better than the first year.

  Third years, he used more fertilizer. This year's harvest is better, but the rice becomes small, and the appearance is not shiny.

  The Zen master said: "if you again next year to continue to increase the amount of fertilizer, then you will harvest not anything of value. When a person needs help. You get a helping hand, it is to the force. However, if its too much help, you are weakening its strength."

  The land is not more fertile and more can produce good crops.

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