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Zen and love: please allow me to have a secret garden


 Zen and love: please allow me to have a secret garden

  Please allow me to have a secret garden. There is my carefully selected flowers and trees, they may not be valuable not dazzling, but they are all my love, in my eyes, they have a free from vulgarity beauty.

  Please allow me to have a private garden. There is my careful collection of treasures, they may be very ordinary, unremarkable, but they are carrying a love I have seen, I went sour, have accompanied me through the memorable time.

  Please allow me to have a private garden. Am I the only one who can out of it, where I can avoid those who, in the world, let me "Jielu people in the territory, and no noise of chariots and horsemen." No longer nervous tension, not to what all day chasing high official positions and riches, but a person easily around, casual glances, looking west shield, I can always get down, with a grass to tell the truth, or with a butterfly dreaming Chuang-tzu. Everything can be like, what can be do not want to, as if to a super free country.

  Please allow me to have a secret garden. When a person walked into the party, quiet, the quiet beauty of heaven and earth, I can sit down, and habitat in the stems of grass on the dragonfly silent on the subject, gently ask: "who are you? Where did you come from? Where are you going. Oh, so profound philosophical problem, in that moment, suddenly become so light, so full of the breath of life.

  Please allow me to have a secret garden. Come into it, my heart will be gently wipe the sigh, I am full of sorrow will be a gentle hand quietly stroked, unhappy, I will meet in the life sometimes really died, not to talk to the object, even if the talk may also be of no avail, so I went to his own private garden, on the ground, if I just sat in silence for a while, I'll feel weekdays taut nerve, suddenly relaxed, many things are not as bad as imagined.

  Please allow me to have a secret garden. Only a unique garden, I was one of the most humble servant, is one of the illustrious emperor, I can freely change their identity, role, can forget the age, sex, even forgot the time flow away, only thought entered a defy laws human and divine, carefree world, I loudly who can, can also speak softly, everything I say.

  But, forgive my selfish and stubborn, my private garden, declined any intruder. If you are my closest person, we have many common secret, we can share the happiness and suffering a lot, you can't go to visit my secret garden, because it is my dedicated to our territory, it is in full bloom with my secret privacy, except those who you can imagine the simple, sincere, good, holy, still in a corner, and hide my inferiority, vulnerable, absurd, and even decadent and dirty......

  So, dear, please respect me this choice, as I will defend your secrets, I don't want to share my secret garden, must have my way. There is no need for me to explain, you would know, if you really love me, like I'm from first to last in love with you.

  I know, true love, does not mean completely open, everyone needs some secret can not be said, to keep some can only see their own things, both good and bad.

  Of course, if you prefer, you can also have a secret garden, that but, you also should have a garden. Because everyone is independent, it will be lonely, lonely soul, need a place to sleep. If the owner of the only belongs to own a soul space like that, you can turn them around, shielding all video, immersed in a completely self position, will not have the harvest.

You will be suffering in what place Zen and life: human how to grace?

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