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Zen and life: human how to grace?


Zen and life: human how to grace?

  Be not disturbed, panic, tension to keep calm, don't shout and wrangle, do the right thing, is the best on the road near the body kit.

  "Hemingway is the most commonly used is the theme of perseverance, he gave the definition of perseverance down: in a tense situation calmly." This is Eileen Chang in the 1954 translation "old man and the sea" to write the preface publishing. "The old fisherman's between him and the sea battle showed astonishing perseverance -- not a superman, but all the people should have a grace, a kind of spirit." Be not disturbed, panic, tension to keep calm, don't shout and wrangle, do the right thing, is the best on the road near the body kit.

  Eileen Chang is clever readers, in the "old man and the sea", the old man is not the fairy tale of heroes, he has no magical ability, not fly over the walls, no Buddha's palm, he only fishing knowledge and grace, Eileen Chang used "all mankind" to describe.

  In danger and crisis food as the water shortage, the old man gave the command: "I only need to do one thing, to be sober minded." Even if the dolphin how terrible, in order to survive, he still chew swallow. "In order to survive" is also a lot of us need to bite the bullet and do the truth - aircraft is difficult to eat meals? "In order to survive, the plane began, quick to eat clean." Not used to eating in the restaurant chilled bread? "The next meal may be more difficult, in order to survive, eat eat." In order to survive four words together with his weight slightly exaggerated, but very practical.

  Grace, as common sense, not a good simple explanation. Different places have different understanding on culture, different people have different means. For example, sportsmanship, is to respect the outcome and fair competition, said a gentleman, in Britain, people will expect a series of actions to protect the lady gentleman. In Hokkaido, the wind and snow, all open vehicle headlamps proceed with caution, but when the face of car compartment line drives, the Japanese driver immediately turn off the headlamp, this let me know the driver should have politeness.

  On the plane, grace is probably the school meals, economy class passengers will automatically pull back, let the friend to eat more comfortable, when typhoon, flights canceled, do not call the clerk, calling me to the machine. God is not to let you fly, why suffer small staff.

  During the journey, we often encounter block, greatly small but, in Hemingway's old fisherman who, we learn to keep calm and sober.

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