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Zen and life: you happy who can share with you?


Zen and life: you happy who can share with you?

  There is a story, said a Jewish elders, fond of playing golf. One Sabbath, he felt itchy, really want to swing, but the provisions of Judaism, believers must rest on the sabbath, can't do anything about it.

  The elders could not help but finally, decided to secretly to the golf course, thinking of playing the nine hole.

  Because of the Sabbath Jews will not go out, no one on the pitch, so the elders feel that no one knew he was in violation of the provisions of.

  However, when the elders in playing the second hole, but found an angel, angel angrily to the God heads, say so and so not abiding by the teachings of elders, were out playing golf on the sabbath.

  God listened to, just like an angel said, will take the Presbyterian punishment.

  The beginning of the third hole, hit Presbyterian perfect results, almost all of one hole.

  Presbyterian excited, to play the seventh hole, then ran to find an angel of God: God, you are not to punish the elders? Why is not there to punish?

  God says: I have to punish him.

  Finished until the ninth hole, a hole is presbyterian. By playing too wonderful is one's art., so the elders decided to play nine holes.

  Also look for the angel of God: what punishment in there?

  God is only smiled but did not reply.

  So after eighteen hole, achievement than any world-class golfers are excellent, the Presbyterian Lok broken.

  Very angry angel asked God: This is your elders unpunished?

  God said: it is, you see, he has such amazing results, as well as the excitement, but cannot say with any person, this is not the best punishment?

  Life partner, happiness and suffering have to share. No one to share life, be it joyful or in pain, is a punishment.


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