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Want to know how is the Zen to put your glass is empty


  One day, a professor at the University of Professor Chan asked Nan in, what is meditation.
  Nan to treat tea. He will water into the guest cup. The cup was full, Nan did not seem to be aware that, he continued to fill the glass with water.
  Looking at the overflowing cup, all over the table, Professor busy with paper towel to wipe the water, and the Nan in said: "the cup was full, the tea has diffuse out, Jackson did not fall again."
  Nan in stop.

  "Do you like this cup," he said with a smile: "your mind is filled with your opinions and ideas on Zen, but to ask me. If you want me to say what is meditation, you have to get your glass is empty."

Zen and life: you happy who can share with you? After staying up late discomfort which conditioning method?

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