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After staying up late discomfort which conditioning method?


 After staying up late discomfort which conditioning method?

  Traditional Chinese medicine tells us, the night is long Qi and blood of the time, is extremely important to human health. Main and collateral channels on the night of 11 to 3 in the morning is the gall bladder and liver by the stream of time, the liver, gallbladder Qi and blood is the most prosperous.   
  But the human body blood is used for important metabolic work, if diverted to other uses (such as excessive supply to the brain, limbs or stomach), human bring forth the new through the old work cannot be completed normally, the waste can not be discharged in time the old body, fresh blood is not smooth, will cause the body appears unwell.
  Liver opens into the eyes, the night watch TV, computer the consumption of liver blood, the day is likely to be two orders, sour, hot temper. If you eat a snack, drink cold beer, the blood supply to the liver to grab the stomach to digest food, liver is deficiency of Qi and blood, but also because of stomach when it shouldn't work, become terribly fatigued.

  Sometimes, in order to get a piece of work, in order to learn, examination, often have to stay up late into the night. Here are some stay up after the remedial method, although can be used for a temporary emergency, but can not make up for the long-term stay up all night body damage.

Conditioning method after staying up late:
1, if the eye is acerb to open, taking Dendrobium luminous pill, Shihu Mingmu pills, Mingmu Dihuang pills, Qiju Dihuang pills can.
2, if the upset hot, can't sleep at night, take a grain of Niuhuang Qingxin pills.
3, if difficult flustered shortness of breath, sleep, take a bottle of Baiziyangxin pills.
4, if the blood deficiency, pale, cold cold, night suit Shiquandabu pills, Guifu Dihuang pill.
5, if defecate weakness, palpitation and shortness of breath, suit Baiziyangxin pills, Buzhong Yiqi pills.
6, if the morning feel body tired weakness, dry mouth and throat, ginseng Shengmaiyin, or often contain take some good American ginseng.
7, if it is to drink cold beer, it is best to eat together and jujube.
8, if afraid of heat and thirst, and no thick and greasy fur, so at night to take six taste glutinous rehmannia pill.
9, if you also eat carnivorous, so please take a pill, daytime again often eat Shenling Baizhu pill, more appropriate.
 Reminder: to fundamentally solve the late at night after the physical discomfort, should do or less stay up all night!

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