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Slow health what profit to have to the body?


 Slow health what profit to have to the body?

  Keep the strings of life elasticity.

  "Workers" why need to slow health?

  "In the family" arrangements should be fast and slow rhythm.

  The key lies in the "heart slow slow health".

  "Slow" what are the benefits?

  Health is slow slow brain, slow motion, slow food, slow, slow to speak, slow to sleep to do housework, slow walking. In short, everything should be slow rhythm. And then to slow heartbeat, breathing, slow slow consumption, into the slow rhythm of life, to slow aging.

  "Slow health" is "office workers" home health.

  At work, we are entering a fast rhythm of life state. Not soon, will be eliminated in the competition, this is inevitable. But, returning home after work, taut strings of life should relax. So, during the day, night tight pine, strings of life in order to maintain flexibility and can not be broken. Don't work in a day, in January, one year, arranged for the fast and slow rhythm, should also be balanced, can let the strings of life with elastic.

  Slow health is energy-saving health

  Slow down, to quiet down, quiet to slow; slow down, the temperature can drop down; calm down, heartbeat, breathing can slow down; heartbeat, breathing slow down, life can save energy consumption. So the final purpose is to slow health, energy saving, in order to reduce consumption, to protect the Yang and Yin essence, the purpose of delaying aging.

  Slow health is "in a big magic family"

  Many stay at home now in the elderly, older, retired, laid-off, unemployed, sick. In short, every year in the number, they "slow health" and "static health" condition is very good. But many people do not make full use of this advantage, but always bustling about, ask what busy? They also say not clear. Therefore, "the family" if you don't pay attention to slow down but always fussing: busy during the day, busy, busy housework kids procurement, evening playing cards that are not up to the health effect.

  Therefore, "the family" also to arrange a good speed tempo. "In the family" and "workers" speed rhythm is reversed: during the day, the work is work, the class will go to class, right now "in the family" can be loosely, slowly, slowly. At night the children and the working people are back, it should speed up the pace a little, because the day you have relaxed enough. Anyway, every family, everyone should be according to their actual conditions, flexible arrangements. The principle is: a slow soon, a tight pine, a busy leisure.

  Key in "heart slow slow health"

  To slow down, first of all to the heart to slow, it is to God first slow, only the heart to slow down, the rhythm of life it may slow down. Just imagine, a pure fire Liao person, an acute, his heart can't slow down, breathing can slow down? The heartbeat can slow down?

  So, when the heart of the slow must slow down; impatient, heartbeat, breathing can accelerate some of the time, is to rest assured, rest assured peace of mind only, just may, nourishing heart.

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