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Zen Meditation 

  The ancient Zen Koan, it is teaching Zen; Zen scowl at, that is the theory of Zen; a day without work, a day without food, this is in meditation, the eighty notes, this is in meditation; these typical, are left to future generations a great inspiration, the division points, slightly introduced.

About love 

  Most religions in the world, the most attention is the belief, but can not use a skeptical attitude to seek for the doctrines of Zen, but in the entry, we should mention is love. In particular, Zen, more is to have a big doubt, can realize, if not love, is equal to the Fed, not give serious thought to anything, there will never be enlightened time. "How is the founder of western idea?" "what is the parents not his true colours?" "normalization methodology, a return to where?" "who you are?"...... These problems, not to learn the Zen people to find information to write papers, it is just to mention the Zen and the son of love.


Reference study.

  After the love has, further intentions to repair, the so-called fan sitting, the wise heart. The heart is whenever and wherever possible, with full spirit to participate, and not in meditation is the heart meditation, so trace to its source information down, ask the question, has to be inquisitive, is awakened, the enlightened can describe very hard?. Only tell you: "if people drinking water, the wearer knows where the shoe pinches."

Body mechanics 

  Originally, Zen is not to say, is his heart is destroyed, the realm of. I'm here today to say a lot, have been superfluous too, in fact, Zen, the most direct way, is to practice from the living, basic necessities of life where a landing. Then, a finger, a kiss Xiu, upper lower seat, a Zen, you, to ask what is Zen, I tell you: "go to sleep!" Understand? Don't understand! No idea. Ginseng!

The origin of Zen Zen wisdom

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