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  Someone asked the Dragon Hongzhi Jackson: "what is the subtle Zen?" Hongzhi Jackson replied: "air underwater to pillow, move the mountain to the window."

  The air, the Indus leaves fall; at present, the bleak autumn flower frost. A scholar asked Zhaozhou Jackson: "then, how to understand life?" The Zen master said lightly: "do not rain and wind down, Xu fly."

  Datong Jackson and Jishan chapter Jackson in outdoor tea. He pointed to the reflected Datong tea cup in the green trees, the blue sky and white clouds, said: "the universal nature, all inside." Chapter Jackson will water spilled on the ground, then asked: "universal nature, in what place?" Datong Jackson said: "unfortunately, a cup of tea."

shaolin zen

  This is the Zen, the Zen attitude, the wisdom of zen.

  A Zen monk asked Zhaozhou ask: "how meditation to enlightenment?" A hundred year old Zhaozhou like what's the hurry, hurry up, side to go outside to say: "sorry, I can't tell you now, because I can." Went to the door, Zhaozhou suddenly stopped, turned to the Zen monk said: "you see, the old monk of his age, and was known as the Buddha, however, pee such a trifle, but also must personally, cannot find anyone to replace." Zen monks see light suddenly: Zen is a state, a kind of experience, such as human drinking water, the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. The Zen insights, others cannot replace -- want to know the taste of a pear, you must taste it yourself.
  What is the Zen? All of the Buddhist people know, this topic strictly speaking is a problem, because Zen cannot say. The realm of Zen is his heart line, arc, is different from thinking speech level; however, ", the top second, can only be sensed; peak head, would be" slightly. In the realm of Zen to introduce to you, not to have, still want to through the words to describe.
  "Zen" can broaden our mind, inspire people's intelligence, to guide us into more detached in the free world. Zen is the beauty of the conditions; although it is not easy to talk about, but you know what is Zen, that we will not try to make it clear.

  Zen Zen Mind, heart, sitting is Zen, Li is Zen, Zen is also, sleep is Zen, Zen also always did. Zen is Dunsheng, specific time, specific space, people have insight, zen.


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