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  Zen and Taoism

  Hu Shi once said: "Chinese Zen does not come from India yoga or meditation, on the contrary, it is a revolution that yoga or meditation."

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  (23) Daisetz Suzuki once said: "today we so-called Zen, is not in India." He believes that the Chinese took Zen for insight, is a creative, but also evidence that absorption of India Buddhism, the Chinese people do not want to read hastily and without thinking like he said: "the rich Chinese practice spirit of imagination, creates the Zen, so they got the biggest satisfaction in the religious emotion."

  The formation of the earliest is driven by the Mahayana Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism because of promoting the Lao Zhuang's thorough insights, in Zen way for rehabilitation and development. 

  Thomas Merton once said: "the Tang Dynasty monk is truly inherited Chuang-tzu thought of the people." Can say, Zen masters have the most fundamental insight is consistent and Lao Zhuang view, first, the two two chapter of Tao will tell the metaphysical foundation of zen.

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  As to the relationship between Zen and Chuang-tzu, Daisetz Suzuki is very clear, he said: "the master is the most obvious characteristics is that the heart. This card, and Chuang-tzu's period, Xinzhai and thoroughness is run in the same groove." "Period" of the word meaning, can be said to be sitting on the left, or sunk in ambit. The forgotten range is very wide, including a forget oneself and forget. Below is a description of the period of the Chuang-tzu story: once, he told Confucius said his kung fu made great progress, already forget righteousness, Confucius thinks that he is not profound enough. After a few days, he told Confucius said he had forgotten the ritual, Confucius is still not give credit. After a period of time, he told Confucius says he has "period". This state even Confucius also do not know, ask Yan Hui, he explained: "the falling limb, to smart, leave to know, with the chase, this is called" period".

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  "Xinzhai" in a conversation Confucius and Yanhui Chuang-tzu world, said he had a minor to the state of Wei to lobby, Confucius poured him a bowl of cold water, that he hasn't done was not disorderly state, if rushed to the bridge, not only useless, but harmful, so he asked Confucius about methods, Confucius told him to "Xinzhai" said: "if Zhi, listen with no ears, and listen to heart, not to listen to the heart, and to listen to the air, listen to the ear, the heart stops character; gas also, virtual and to also only gathers, false, false researchers in the heart." 

  "Thoroughness" is a realm of Taoist discipline, Chuang-tzu described a story about the penetration. Once, someone asked Nu Yu learned well, why he was so big, but still looks young like a child, nu Yu learned well tell him it's got way effect. The man asked Nu Yu learned well: whether he can learn? Nu Yu learned well frankly he not learn the material; and then to teach students after Bu Liangyi told him: "the sages, to Saint just, but also easy to carry. I still keep and accuse, ginseng, and then be able to outside world; has the world now, we also observe seven days, and then to objects; objects, and keep our already, nine days, and then to exogenous; has exogenous away, then moving towards the penetration; penetration and visible only, see only then no ancient and modern, ancient and modern and free into the die not born."

  We can't deny the master who are Buddhist, but they are thought of Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi's preference, it affects them choose those similar interests and Lao Zhuang in Buddhism, and the special development.

Zen wisdom Zen, is a kind of Buddhist thought

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