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Zen, is a kind of Buddhist thought


 The idea is to give up with knowledge, logic has to solve the problem. That really is the most easily and the most effective method, is the direct use of source in self inner perception to solve the problem, find and card into the self. The theory is that this method without any knowledge, any logic, any rule bound, is the true self (from you), so is the most suitable for the solution of self (yourself) problem. That is to say, the Zen understanding is one of the most simple method is the most effective solution to the problem.
   Now that the mind clear, as clear as noonday, see contains every thought of his greed, anger, delusion, let it break, so the foreign environment, not climbing dyeing, self illuminated without winking is also no record.

  Zen, Sanskrit "Dhyana" acronym, translated as "meditation", "repair", "evil" etc.. Is in the life silently filtered debris, the correction of errors in thinking, abandon evil. A study method generally adopted Buddhism originated from Brahmin, classic "Upanishads" say: sit aligning, and will, beyond happy to "Brahma" realm. Meditation, can, with static cure irritated, achieve again, crazy and wisdom, from polluted to clean change. The students from the peace of mind to psychosomatic pleasure, enter the heart empty realm.


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