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  The other party of Japanese Buddhist cultural influence, is limited in terms of their religious life. But the Zen is not subject to this restriction, have deep impact it on all aspects of its cultural life, it can be said that the profound truth.
  In China, the situation may be different. Zen and Taoism belief, time and the Confucian moral has extensive contacts, but did not like Japan have a certain impact on cultural life (for the Japanese Zen and permeability in cultural life, perhaps due to due to the national psychology). But there should be special attention is, the Zen of the Song Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty, the development of a painting are given a strong stimulus. The painting was in the Kamakura period, with frequent exchanges between the two countries Zen monks were brought to Japan, and won many admirers in Japanese territory. National treasure. These works also exist in Japan, while in China, but rarely see.
  As one of the most distinctive features of Japanese art ability, can give "corner" as an example, it originated in the Southern Song Dynasty painter Ma Yuan, the so-called "iceberg", from the psychological perspective, it is with the Japanese Artist "by a" combination of tradition, namely in the silk or paper books with less tracing lines or strokes to depict the images. Both and Zen spirit perfectly. The ripples on the surface of the water by micro, floating leaf boat, it can fully arouse the loneliness of the Zen feeling -- the vast sea like infinity, and as the stream trickling sluggishly, be happy and pleased with oneself. The right picture look (click to enlarge), this little boat is helpless, he constructed the original, not keeping the mechanical device stable, no rudder pulp ride the wind and waves, did not conquer harsh climate science instrument, in short, in contrast to ship 10000 tons of modernization. But it is this extreme helpless, it reflects a fishing boat virtue, so that we feel a kind of infinite "absolute things" around the boat and all encompassing.
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  Look at the picture: had a bird stands by itself, the picture and concise, a line, a shadow, a piece of ink, is to a proper extent. It seemed to us sigh: the days are getting shorter, the nature of lush summer, desolate autumn will come again. This painting in the mood and maybe some sad, but it can cause us to look inside your heart. When we have the ability to observe it, deep in the heart of the world's countless spiritual treasures will be displayed in front of us.
  In this diversified spiritual world, they most admired was isolated prior, in Japanese culture called the silent language. Its meaning is "poor" (Poverty), the negative point is "not with the social fashion". It is called the "poverty", because it is not attached with all worldly things, such as wealth, reputation right, etc.. Moreover, in the "poor" people's heart, he will feel a being beyond the era, society and has the highest and existence -- this is the very essence of idle silence, like the period of the Three Kingdoms "Seven Sages of the bamboo grove in the mountains laugh at the.

Zen, is a kind of Buddhist thought Zen and Humor

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