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Zen and Humor


  Enlightened master, not what we think dead-alive general laosengruding, true Jackson, life fun, but also has a sense of humor. In their eyes, the earth is full of vitality, sentient beings have the Buddha nature, everything is so lively, so natural, therefore, vertical and horizontal, stochastic, moistens world generally like spring rain; sometimes with dignity. Sometimes very humorous, this is the Zen enlightenment characteristics.
  Wenzhou mysterious nun, Xuefeng master. Xuefeng asked her:
  Where do you come from
  From the day the mountain.
  The sunrise is not
  If the sunrise, as early as this solution is xuefeng. (it is said if I realized, it will cover the famous Xuefeng master, which need to consult you)
  Xuefeng asked: what's the name of Mystery!
  Japan Textile geometry
  Be stark naked.
  Xuefeng thought, you really have the ability to freely say?:
  Your cassock mop the floor!
  Then the mystery suddenly look back, Xuefeng laughed and said:
  A be stark naked!
  The eunuch fish chaoen, right shock when, one day, a mountain: "Zen master" written in black wind blowing "said the boat Fang, drift fall Russian ghost country, what is black?"
  Jackson did not answer, just don't mention it first: "fish chaoen! You dork, ask what for? "Fish chaoen heard agitatedly change color, was furious, Yaoshan Jackson smiled:" this is the wind blowing the boat Fang!"
  Ling Zhen Jackson visit to Pope Jackson, asked: "what is Buddha?"
  In the case of the Zen master said: "do not address you, you do not believe; you Ruoxin, I tell you!"
  Then the fine sound ear to tell him: "thou art!"
  The propagation of teaching means is how humor!
  Study Zen, to have the savvy, be smart, understand the point, is to have a sense of humor! The ancient Zen master, no one is not master of humor, humor, Zen is so lively! Zen is how sharp!

Zen and the art of Zen and Knowledge

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