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Zen and Knowledge


 Zen and Knowledge

  Zen is not knowledge, therefore, not the knowledge barriers, more knowledge is viewed as the biggest enemy. Knowledge respectively, in the field of knowledge, people will be lost, even for the evil known see the master, the harm beings tool. Therefore, Zen first requests the pursuit of self, the process and means, often not human feelings, not knowledge, perverse.

  Because in the master mind, flower is not red, Liu is not green, they are from the negative level to understand the deeper realm. They don't have to debate, beyond language, so it is more abundant in the realm of life. Fu Dashi Shan Hui said: "empty handed, hoe, walking on Buffalo; people from the bridge, the bridge water does not flow." This is the description of unreasonable, is completely and deluded respectively consciousness challenges, to break the general knowledge of persistence. Cleaning the deluded respectively world, make people into a more real, more beautiful, more good state of mind. Zen is illogical, but it has a higher realm; Zen is unreasonable, but it has a deeper meaning.
  The sixth patriarch said: I have a thing, what is endless, nameless, faceless, wordless, this
  God will interface replied: This is the origin of Buddha, the Buddha nature of all living.
  The sixth patriarch not to regard it as right, I told you the ring without a word, what is not, but you have mentioned a name (the Buddha nature), which is not redundant. The Zen teaching is absolute negation in general are consciousness; not allowed to get the sense of. In Buddhism, by people praise for the knowledgeable Zhixian Jackson when visiting Yaoshan Jackson, Yaoshan asked him: "what is the parents not his true colours?"
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  Zhixian Jackson startled could not answer, so as to the Tibetan scriptures, to Nanyang farming. One day, when he was in the cultivated land, the hoe hit the stone, loud and clear sound, and Sue insight. "A forgotten knowledge, not false practice". This is why Yaoshan without knowledge to Professor Zhi xian. He let Zhixian down puzzle of all knowledge of text, to return from the heart. The detached teaching, can be said to be unique. This general knowledge in circles, it is an inconceivable thing. This is another characteristic of zen.

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