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Zen and Nature


Zen and nature

  What is Zen? Zen is come very naturally, Zen and nature coexist, Zen is not hiding anything.

  What is the way? "The cloud in the sky water in the bottle", "green bamboo but Prajna, his yellow is Miao di".

  With the insight of the earth, everything is Zen, not understanding of the mountains are mountains, watch the water is water; the way, watch hill or mountain, see water or water. But after the landscape content is different, the way the landscape with me, and I together, let me take, were I one, into harmless, the Zen is how detached.

  "I come here under the pine tree, tall pillow stone sleep, there is no calendar day, cold do not years"; "Creek with wide tongue, the only clean body", or take, is generally thought of Zen; Zen mysteries, have no bottom, too high to be reached, it is out of doors at the Zen feeling, in fact, Zen was is your beauty, not fake, nature is everywhere, pick.

  However, people today, and nature is standing in the opposite position, human beings destroy the balance of nature, the nature of life destroyed completely, showing everything in front of the world, are obstacles to mechanical manipulation, rigid, mechanical. This life, can feel the harmonious, how can not feel empty, so that the spirit of sorrow and pain? "Zen" is a mountain in the spring, it can wash the dust mind; he is like the white clouds in the sky, let you wander around, Ren Yunxiao.

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