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Zen and Self


Zen and self

  In other sectarian Buddhism, some are assisted in his force before the Buddha, and Zen Buddhism is completely self power. Such as mantra chanting Buddha chanting of mantra, Tantra, are praying all Fojia was, with self and be. There is a warning on the door: "Buddha a sentence, rinse for three days"! Jackson believes Buddha nature is its own thing, can not rely on the help of others can only own one, responsible, self effort is the best guarantee. The heart method can not be, nature scenery, people with heart, reverse, since can present evidence.

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  The Song Dynasty, Da Hui Zong Gao Jackson thoroughfare modest out parameter, Dao Qian refused, later Zong Yuan to go with him. Zong Yuanceng said to him, there are five things that others can not help: walk, eat, hungry, thirsty, excretion.

  Someone asked Zhaozhou Lakers coach Phil Jackson said: "how can the Zen enlightenment?"

  Zhaozhou Jackson after listening, stood up, said: "I want to go to the restroom."

  Zhaozhou Jackson took two steps, stopped, and said: "you see such a trifle, and I go to!"

  Method as well, someone did help? Under the word Dao Qian see light suddenly.

  Once the father and son two people, the same is a thief, one day, the father took his son, to a place. To the place, he deliberately son in the family closet, then shout stop thief, oneself got away. In his panic, but camouflage mouse cry, just cheated him out of the house owner, finally escaped.

  When he saw my father, complain all the time.

  His father told him, "this effort is to train your wit, see you steal strain capacity, Kung Fu, and the strain of the intelligence is to be the master of your own, others have no way to help."

  This story, though not necessarily that it is true, but it can be compared to Zen teaching attitude. Jackson is often the disciple to thought or consciousness of the dead, then they all find out. In this case, if can break through this, appear in front of a Buddha as boundless as the sea and sky, see will hang upon this single action. "The husband own cupola records, not to the Buddha for row", through the creation of this vision, the Zen is the basic purpose of teaching. Do not be led by the nose, in the sadhana independently, the pursuit of self, self completion, this is the biggest characteristic of zen.

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