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Three introduction Zen


Three introduction Zen

 1. The Zen, but the rupadhatu, formless realm of meditation, there are two basic flavors: Zen: four Zen, four, four wait for no amount of three, collectively known as the twelve door Zen. But renunciation to the scattered and repair four Zen, then the repair desire Fu four boundless, color repair four empty cage. The basic net Zen: meet the Buddha was born, hearing what the Buddha said, is in accordance with the straight no leakage wise, so that the net zen. There are six wonderful gate, sixteen characteristics, lit Chan three, respectively for the Hui, repair more qualitative equal, Ding Hui.

 2. Born Zen: concept, practice, and Zen, repair of four kinds: ① view: view from zen. Clear view truths as not net environment, it is known as the view. There are nine to eight, eight, back to victory, eleven cutting point four. The Zen practice: training for exercise, refers to the nine stage, the Zen from shallow to deep, order of exercise four Zen, extinction, according to not miscellaneous read different, with no leakage and no leakage and exercise, eight. ③ Zen: Kaoru Kaoru Kaoru for cooked free meaning, such as the lion Fen Xun samadhi, except you can read different between, to clockwise and are optional and comfortable! The repair of Zen: beyond the samadhi, repair before, so subtle, beyond access free!

 3. Zen: that is out of this world.

  Three Zen - "to hold the" volume five nine Zen

  Since Zen: meditation heart of reality, but for. The Zen of all: get all the merit of his own. The hard Zen: deep and difficult to repair the zen. All the door Zen: all Zen are thus out the door. The good: O Yone Zen all meditation. Line Zen: the all inclusive of all method of mahayana. ⑦ except upset with Zen: destroy beings in distress. In this world he shile Zen: sentient being acquisition II music. To clean: net Zen or industry off as net newspaper, the big banyan.

Zen and Self Zen development history 1:Damour, Li Zen patriarch

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