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Zen development history 1:Damour, Li Zen patriarch


  Method the inheritance to the Nagarjuna, established a system of Mahayana buddhism. The Bodhisattva Deva, Luo Houluo, Sangha difficult to carry, Nga Jerzy Sh do, Jiumoluoduo, at night, Vasubandhu Bodhisattva, Monuluo, he le, lion, shebna the Po Si, as dense, Prajna DORO, reached the Bodhi Damour.
  Bodhi Damour, in the five or six century Buddhist master, South Indians, they Prajna DORO learning forty years, become the Prajna DORO heir.
  In five two zero AD, Damour father from sea to Guangdong Panyu. Liang Wudi will Damour founder Ying to jiankang.
  The emperor in his own multi tower temple, monk, statues, writing for many, Damour was asked how much merit, Damour call a spade a spade to tell the emperor, these behaviors are just the small blessing, there is no merit to talk about. Liang Wudi couldn't understand, so he left the health, Damour. When the emperor had to remind the monk was sent to catch up, Damour was already a reed in the Northern Wei Dynasty, to go.
  Founder Damour to the Northern Wei, in Henan Songshan Shaolin Temple wall meditation for many years, when many people can not understand. The famous monk Shenguang Mu founder Damour high wind, method. Damour was a sense of its sincere, then to teach the Dharma Koan, and renamed as the two zhengzhou. In addition, the founder of Damour famous disciple and education, monk side, Tan Lin etc..
  Later, Damour was to return to the west, appoint Hui Ke religious mysteries, teach a cassock and "Lankavatara Sutra", the biography of Hui Ke in the world. Since then, established the Chinese Mahayana Buddhism system. Damour was revered as the Chinese Zen chuzu. Two Zhengzhou is regarded as the ancestral.
  Soon, Damour was buried in Xionger Shan in silence. But three years later, Wei Song Yun from the western regions in the home, and met Damour articles only shoe to western, it is just assumed the West story.

Three introduction Zen Zen development history 2: Hongren and zen

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