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Zen development history 2: Hongren and zen


  Since Damour was in China began to establish the Zen, and koan to the ancestral sengcan related two Zhengzhou, two Zhengzhou. Since Damour founder - law period, to sengcan pass time, Zen disciples is a clothing and a bowl, revel live, have no fixed place. 
  The four letter road is change. Tang, Dao in Hubei Huangmei Shuangfeng mountain, Da Hong Chan, disciple of up to five hundred people.
  To Wu Zu Hongren, Zen and development.
  Hongren, the Chinese Zen Buddhism in the fifth, Su Xing Zhou, Hubei Huangmei people, seven years following Daoxin, thirteen year old monk.
  Hongren communication under the door, diligent meditation, as their confidence, to the mantle, as the Zen study, known as Wu Zu Huangmei masters.
  To the mantle, Hongren establishes the dojo in Shuangfeng Shandong Feng Maoshan, name Dongshan temple, Zen seven hundred men, self production, provide for oneself.
  Hongren advocated the dust away from the mountain, Kosen Zen Koan, said "the Buddhas only koans, reached printing, there is no other method." Hongren also books teach Wu Zong, advised people uphold the "Diamond Sutra". When the call for "teaching the Hong Jen Dongshan method".
  Hongren was carrying forward the Zen Buddhism, died at the age of seventy-four. Zen in Hongren promotion, development is very rapid, become the Chinese Buddhist bulk.
  Hongren door disciple, God Xiu, Hui Neng is a master of Zen buddhism.

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