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Zen development history 3:Shenxiu and Northern School of Zen buddhism


  Shenxiu, in the seven or eight century monk, Mahayana sent north, founder of Zen Buddhism, Chen Liuweishi (Henan Weishi county) people, youth has Expo history, at the age of fifty, Huangmei Shuangfeng ginseng to visit Hongren, and thanks to Hongren for firewood, engaged in water and six years of hard labor for the law, by the Hongren value, as the temple in the first.
  One day, Hongren makes the disciples as to each verse Ming Wu, Shenxiu as a mechanic said: "the body is a bodhi tree, the heart like a mirror, often wipe off dust, mo." Hongren see, said this practice can gain great benefit, but not printed on Shenxiu to see the mind, the mantle passed to huineng.
  Later, Huineng to the South preaching, Shenxiu still follow the Hongren practice, to permit the mind. Hongren died, Shenxiu to Jiangling when Yangshan (Southeast Hubei Dangyang county) great Dharma Zen buddhism. The Quartet walker, from the Shenxiu school very much, the increasing effect.
  Shenxiu Dharma Yi, is the inheritance Dongshan method, to "mind body clean, body walking with Buddha" and said, in meditation does not lie, live view net is convenient. God Xiu has Jie said: "all the Dharma, from the heart the heart, will seek to escape, father."
  Shenxiu died at the age of one hundred and one.
  Compared with the southern Huineng faction, known as Shenxiu, the Zen as Mahayana North Zen buddhism.

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