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Zen development history 4:Huineng and southern Zen buddhism


  Huineng, the sixth patriarch of Zen Buddhism in China sixth, vulgar lu. Huineng, ancestral home Hebei Fan Yang (Xian), because his father to south of the Five Ridges NSW (Guangdong Xinxing County East) as the officer, so moved to new jersey. Huineng was born in south of the Five Ridges, New Jersey, he lost his father, then moved to the South China Sea, his family was poor, rely on firewood for a living.
  Once, Huineng pass by a shop in inn, heard someone read and recite "Diamond Sutra" sentiment, then go ask the origin, from Hubei, Huangmei Hongren masters. Since then, Huineng settle good mother, came to Hubei to visit Huangmei Hongren, in order to buddhism.
  Hongren makes the disciples all for a verse, to Ming Wu, Kami Shusaku "the body is the bodhi tree" a verse. Huineng see verse after verse: ", also a body no bodhi tree, nor stand mirror, original none thing, where the dust." People see the amazing. Jen see verse, is in the middle of the night called Huineng burglary, explain the "Diamond Sutra". Huineng end Dawu, to endure.
  Huineng was the mantle, Guangdong went back, the more than ten years. Hou Huineng came to the Guangzhou Temple (Guangzhou Guangxiao Temple), listen to the printed Pope speak "Nirvana Sutra". Listen to the law, the wind blows the flags. Two monks in the audience, that is to say is pneumatic, streamers, debate. So, Huineng told the two monk: "it is not the wind, not the streamers flying, is benevolent heartbeat." Yin Zong please Hui Neng to seats, that is the inheritor of Hui Jen, then worship Huineng teacher.
  Subsequently, Huineng in law of the temple monks, and with the wisdom light of law by the Sangha, to carry forward the Zen Buddhism in Guangzhou.
  Soon Hui Neng to Caoxi Baolin Temple (Shaoguan Nanhua Temple), gathered disciples, Dahong Zen teaching. Huineng Kosen awareness the trouble this no, not climbing, good and evil, also don't sink empty silence dharma.
  Huineng died at the age of seventy-six, leaving intact the relic Mami, be disciple wrap do painting support to Baolin temple, has not bad.
  Relative to the northern God Xiu faction, the Hong Hui Neng method called Mahayana Southern Zen buddhism.
  Huineng under the door, masters come forth in large numbers, the most famous huairang, Desi, Hui Zhong, God, Xuan feel, is a southern Zen Buddhism mahayana. In carrying forward the disciples of the southern Zen Buddhism, Mahayana Daxing in the world.

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