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Drinking Tea,understand Zen


  Because often insomnia, long time no tea. Before tea, is very particular about tea, non Mingqian tea does not drink, complicity in factory work friends, every year about her tea for me. Not much, a year a catty enough. Because of less, so the refinement.

  As a child had with the grandmother mountain tea experience, Ching Ming Tea, just to pick the three shoots, Banshan tea harvested, mining less than a pound of tea, this is the best. Guyu after tea, is picking branch new leaves all the same on a tea, tea and so is divided into various grades and ranks, it is dark. Two tea in summer, then the grandmother doesn't allow me to tea with her, afraid of the sun broke her baby granddaughter.

  My grandmother said: tea is a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva to red being selected to quench their thirst throat drink, in order to select the appropriate plant, a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva tasted hundreds of grass, so that your blood, profusely than. Later I heard that the "Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs" records. Some of the literature in contact with Buddhism, also know such a legend: Zudamo Zen Zen master, wall nine years, during which sleep overcame, eyelids droop, he tore the eyelids to the ground throw, then, to grow up a little green seedlings, which became the tea. In view of all kinds of legend, tea was overshadowed by the strong religious color. Since Buddhism gradually in China, the development and prosperity of Zen tea, make tea and Zen put on a par with became a symbol of integration of material and spiritual.

  Tea that road, Zen that exit. In Zen to Zen tea, tea, is that people are pursuing the "Zen tea blindly" realm?

  Whether it is from the perspective of Zen tea, or tea zen perspective, I always feel that all text is feeble: "Zen no clouds, tea and self evaluation." "Diamond Sutra" cloud: "all phase, all is vanity." Zen Koans, purpose: self enlightened solution. A free text description of how "method, since the" mysterious, a "tea" can generalize and extensive cup?

  Tea, can Qingxin extend, can delight self-cultivation...... If you have three two friends, to whistle, under the moon, with hands, Tao, chant, appreciation, it is also one of life's great speed. Then, next to a string and wind, breeze, hand a cup tea, eye Zhongshan LAN color, heart Qingling voices, all gathered in this small glass cup. Can drink tea to this, have lost three points of Zen, but because too deliberate. Zen, do not want this realm.

  So on a moonless night, let me alone pick up a piece of night tea. A cup of tea in hand, cup of tea in the brewing water stretch slowly, in the very slight voice, can listen to the four seasons flowers movement, negligible tide tide surging river. Gradually, dense fog, like a piece of empty, contains endless universe. As long as the heart has the leisure, everything can be goods, ethereal wind, rain, goods goods goods, goods, goods on flowers of all sounds are still...... Why try to limit to a tea or a tea? Why must adhere to certain kinds of tea or a tea? On a moonless night, quietly sit on the futon, goods movement from the heart of the night. When there is no good tea, pour a cup of boiling water, drink slowly, the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. It is not the highest state of drinking tea?

  Eat dinner, sleep sleep, do not have a variety of search. So, I drink water in front of the goods on hand, tea, so what? How many cups of empty, many tea cool. One day, I will pull away, do not take away the clouds, no wind, then red furnace, who is Wang Ming, who is sweet, vertical is the youth affair, with the wind too boring cicada.

  Then, it, all in all, to me, is a cup of cold tea overnight.

  Cold tea, cold tea and how? Cold tea, Zen......

Zen Tea Zen tea from the "heart" of the fundamental understanding life "common heart"

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