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Zen tea from the "heart" of the fundamental understanding life "common heart"


In the temple advocates tea, tea and tea, com. With the Buddhist philosophy, the concept of life, "regardless of the Buddha tea house", "Zen tea", "tea zen blindly" the resulting. Tea and Buddhism have in common road, are in the main feelings, non deep flavor and can not. Tea needs a calm, pay attention to in order to sip, so the environment and mood of the quiet, clean, comfortable. Tea is a Zen meditation is the prelude, tea, Zen tea, tea zen by Wu, two in one, get along swimmingly with each other. Zen tea common pursuit of purification and sublimation of spirit.

The essence of tea, is really to understand the mysteries of the universe and life from the ordinary life daily life trivial in philosophy. Zen also requires people through meditation, from the mundane to Qi Wu avenue. Sage Lu Yu is with her life five taste sentiment, joined by the tea, and finally successful induction, consciousness of sanctification. A "tea" tea things up the harmonious unity of material and spirit for tea tea. That is not visible in only in Buddhism, the ordinary mind is the way, there is a "natural" state of mind is the essence of a zen.

Gu Deyun: "the tea ceremony is the root of the heart, this is the Zen center." In short, since the Tang and Song Dynasties, Zen to enhance the taste and the realm of tea, tea polyester except soul ambiguous, have the understanding to Zen, Zen tea blindly, is the essence of the tea ceremony.

"Zen tea blindly" artistic conception, to truly understand, all by yourself to experience. Therefore: Zen tea in one, can hone their mind, enhance the inner cultivation, higher level. This experience through practice to feel the tea things. Can also be based on the tea taste to know. "Zen tea blindly" artistic conception is helpful to understanding life. The seven bowl of taste, a pot was really fun. The air held hundreds of verse, as tea. "Tea" can you from the "Zen" smell "tea" fragrance, from the "tea" make "Zen" taste?

Should first of all inclusive heart in Buddhism, is in daily life can contain "acid, sweet, bitter, spicy flavor". Tea tea like tea, can experience life sour, sweet, bitter, hot, fragrant, all inclusive. "Inclusive" Maitreya Buddha "Tatu Rongrong to the world can hardly contain the matter, Tzu Chi Yan smiled often funny person of the world".

Tea is like the taste of life, such as human drinking water, the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. Zen meditation is in the static filter reflection on life, through the tea zen, understanding life, purification of the mind, enlightenment wisdom.

Tea, no matter what, can release the taste of life; no matter where your base, Shun met or unreasonableness, color is not changed her sweet, her. Friends, if tea, drink a cup of tea, I hope you can understand the true meaning of life.

Drinking Tea,understand Zen Zen master feeling: people not idlers thin tea slow life

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