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Zen master feeling: people not idlers thin tea slow life


A British brigade, to America, please a guide to local. The journey, not too difficult to walk the road, however, the wizard is in after walking a little way, stopped for a while. The British thought wizard tired and want to rest. Later, finally unbearable, curious and asked him: "how to go a few steps, you should stop to have a rest?" guide said: "I'm not because tired body to stop, I want to let my soul rest stop (heart)."

One day, can sit down, drink tea. Do not pay attention to tea or any ceremony, only a simple - water to boil the tea. Mountain tea products, the tension of life is very necessary.

Happy, can be conditional, can also be unconditional. Conditional happiness, we think to normal logic thinking: I should strive to forge ahead, to have more material wealth; because sometimes foolish and wrong orientation: some others, I also want to have; others do not, I also want to have; others have not, and I have, I'll laugh at him! This is our deep-rooted bad habits, but did not bring us much happiness. On the contrary, in the spirit of Zen, happiness is not the. Regardless of the health, the heart can still be happy.

This has nothing to do with religion, you can't abide Buddhism to ritual, not according to comply with the three precepts, but you can have the spirit of zen. When lowering of heart, everything can be put down.

Zen is omnipresent, does not limit the special environment and knowledge. Through the five roots of meditation, Zen tea can also be. Meditation is to solve the problem of heart, it is not to solve the time, busy, sitting and environmental problems. When I focus clearly when drinking tea, tea how to motivate my observation of six roots, know every process heart clearly, know the impermanence, without my law, this is the meditation.

Since the Zen omnipresent, employees can take every time. For example, go to work early, use five minutes to meditation. To the end of the day, give yourself five minutes quiet meditation, and then open the company. One day in two period of study time. Even when eating lunch, eat also aware of their action, now, you're always Vipassana.

Zen tea from the "heart" of the fundamental understanding life "common heart" Zen tea life story: the heart to taste carefully taste of tea

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