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Zen tea life story: the heart to taste carefully taste of tea


  Tea, in the heart, be vice versa, carefully taste the taste of tea, do all the people. One day, the rain the next stop, free, special invited three five friends gathering of friends. Friends sat around the table, three five cup of reeky Three Gorges Maojian tea. The tea is served, while you tea, chatting, enjoyable.

  During the banquet, a wear red clothes of friend of a turn, speak in measured tones to chant a doggerel: "born in Castle Peak a nest, home fried pot. Old students can not eat, drink the soup, "he said, sipping on a good Three Gorges tea, looking around at them all, express volumes to say:" this doggerel is still a riddle, you know what is the answer? "

  Tea: is a riddle, have come, say you say me, but to guess wrong. I have been silent, serving tea. Riddle friends ask me what's the big idea, I smiled and said: "who did not, I do know what it is. Can I host, you are a guest, I speak truth not boring? "His friend said with a smile:" but said it. "You cock one's ears to listen, everyone nodded. I said: "the tea. "His friends no longer speech, a long time said:" since it is so, whatever it is, whatever your answer is right or wrong, you must give the big guy analysis. "People have echoed.

  I leaned away from the seat, hands Baoquan, said: "through. "Then Weiweidaolai:" the first sentence, born in Castle Peak a nest, in retrospect, tea originated with Shennong, Wen Lu Zhou Gong, is Shennong Baicao, Japan in seventy-two drugs, get tea and the solution, that is the beginning, the growth of tea in the Castle Peak, is No Chaki, a nest of a nest later, Xing, farming, wild tea tree transplanting, had planted tea fields, line by line, one by one; the second sentence, mining home fried pot, which is not in the process of picking tea tea roasted.; the third sentence, old students can not eat, think, tea tree the old leaves, can eat? Tea raw, can eat? The fourth sentence, soup to drink, generally speaking, we say that tea, while in the written language, called the tea. The combination of these four words, what is it right? Tea. "

  Listen to me speak closely reasoned and well argued, a riddle cardinal friends even said rational. In fact, he also took a lot of people, although the problem is very simple, but the nive out of ten people can not guess the answer, now how people out, guessed, is a bosom friend. I think, so simple, the key in the heart, with heart, heart to heart, make life.

  Have a pleasant talk together, time better, imperceptibly, the rain gradually small, stopped, it's too dark, friends have to leave. The house on the table, three five cups of tea, slightly smoking, smoke, such as fog, clouds.

  Bid farewell to friends, cleaned up, lying in bed, unable to sleep at night. Tea such as life, heart, heart tea, can taste the real taste, the heart, can be a real person.

Zen master feeling: people not idlers thin tea slow life Tea to grief therapy with "heart", the different application of different tea medicine.

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