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Tea to grief therapy with "heart", the different application of different tea medicine.


  The Tang Dynasty pharmacologist Chen cangqi in "Chinese Materia Medica" said: "the medicine for the disease medicine, tea for all disease medicine." Speaking of tea on the "heart" of the "pharmacological" effect, has a history of several celebrities to be high.

  Lu Yu of the Tang Dynasty in the "tea" tea "said Di annoying", Su Shi of the Song Dynasty in the "Dongpo miscellanies" that tea can "Chufan" in Yuan Dynasty, and wisdom in the "meal was about to drink" tea "Qing said to God," Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty, "compendium of Materia Medica" called "tea can make people a cool thinking", Wang Mengying of the Qing Dynasty in the "with interest in the diet spectrum" that tea can "Qingxin God", also called tea can "break lonely" said. But Tang Dynasty tea master Jiaoran in "tea song Xiao Cui Shi Jun" are three aspects summarized: "a drink Di faint awake, mind sees a sky full of; drink - I God, suddenly as aspersed dust; three drink and win, why break painstaking trouble." Thus, tea and medicine. Tea to melancholy, can cure, can cure heart.

  Tea to melancholy, therapy with "heart", "heartache" different, with different "tea medicine", will receive beat all effect. "".

When frustrated, helpless, depressed, a cup of clean glycol oolong tea, meditation, they will feel life is bitter and music interwoven into the, after tasted bitter to savor the flavor; when angry, upset, angry at the time, a cup of azure fragrance Longjing tea, meditation and think, let the heart be calm, a calm, proud heart wide, peace of mind; when terribly fatigued, Jihuo time, a cup of bitter Kuding tea, soup color is red and yellow, taste Xianshuang gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.

  Tea to melancholy, can Qingxin Mingzhi, teach man, met with things can avoid "angry injury liver, fear of injury of lung.".

  Tea to grief, but also guide "heart disease" patients temporarily forget the pain distress, so that patients with open artistic conception, mood, help the body recover.

  Tea "effect" in the meditation, FAQ, change one's sorrow into joy, sorrow to joy. Not only can resolve the hearts of the deposition gas, also physiotherapy the hearts of the pain, the mind becomes calm and serene, will leave all worries and depression, let the heart resuscitation, the renewed confidence, never looked to see.

Zen tea life story: the heart to taste carefully taste of tea Chinese tea ceremony -- the life and life of Art

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